The easiest way to connect energy assets to apps

Connect to EVs, home batteries, heaters and other energy assets with our API and integrate them into your app. Together we enable a zero carbon energy grid.
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Let users control their
smart hardware in your app

Your users can now easily give your app access to their EV, solar panels or heating sources. Our onboarding flow makes it super easy to give access in a secure way. We support awesome hardware like:

  • Leading EV brands
  • Energy storage systems
  • Solar panels
  • Smart home chargers ++
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One developer friendly API. Unlimited user experiences

Our developer friendly documentation and SDKs make it fast and easy to get started. We handle security and GDPR compliance so you can build without worry.

The Enode API is designed to be flexible and thus support your specific use case. You will be ready to go in no time.

See for yourself in our docs.

Get additional revenue streams by selling flexibility

We aggregate your connected assets so you can sell flexibility where and when demand is highest.

By controlling your own "virtual power plant" you'll get additional revenue streams at the same time you're supporting the transition to green energy production.

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How customers use our API

Energy apps with data from EVs, solar panels and more
EV apps with car status and smart charging
Smart home apps with lots of connections and no hubs
Pay-as-you-drive insurance apps for EVs and hybrids
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