Connect to your user's energy products

Enode Connect lets your users easily connect their electric vehicles or other energy hardware to your app - all through a single API.

Product features

Enode Connect gives your developers access to a wide range of energy consumer products.

Electric Vehicles

Connect to 90 % of all EVs on the road with a single API


Let users connect and monitor their solar inverters to your app

Home Chargers

Let users start and stop charging from your app

Home battery

Let users monitor and control their home battery from you app

Enode Connect user experience

Connections can be established using Enode’s interface embedded in your application.

Why use the Enode API

Reduce time to market

Connect to EVs and other energy hardware in a few hours and get your app out to the user

Scale faster

Our API has the widest support for EVs and other hardware so you can scale to all relevant users

Improve automatically

Every month we add new hardware support that you can automatically add to your existing app

Ready to get started?

Connect to and control EVs and other energy hardware in minutes. Smart energy endpoints like smart charging and charging statistics saves you weeks of custom coding.