Our flexibility platform

Flexibility is the key to a green electricity grid

Our flexibility platform aggregates all your connected assets so they can be traded as flexibility to balance the grid
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It starts with intelligent energy usage for your customers

In order to build this renewable energy system we need consumers that are engaged and willing to participate.

We believe they will be when they are offered valuable products and services that can make their lives better and also save them money - like smart charging of their electric vehicle.

Then we aggregate assets so they can be traded as "virtual power plants"

The "virtual power plants" makes it possible to create a more dynamic energy system with less need for captial expenditures and reduced dependency on non-renewable energy sources.

This is the future we are building together with our partners.

Together we can build a zero carbon energy system

In order to save our planet we need a transition to a fully renewable energy system.

Enode is fully commited to building the technology that enables demand to respond to green production.

How does it work?

The enode api
The API handles the connection to all energy assets approved by the end user
ML control algorithms
Our algorithms take into account a large number of variables such as the behaviour of the asset owner
Market data
We collect market data and connect directly to market places so trading can be fully automated
Real Time flexibility dashboard
The result is a complete view of the flexibility which is available through your connected assets.

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