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Our API lets you connect to EVs and other energy hardware in no time - so you can build awesome apps fast
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Energy apps

With the Enode API you can build energy apps that connects solar panels, EVs and home batteries into one clear interface. Show consumption for each energy unit and the accumulated spend on energy for the costumers.

All apps built with our API can be customized with different hardware, different data views and different controls for heaters, EVs or other connected units

Electric vehicle apps

Build awesome EV apps with our API. Let users connect their EVs to see stats, control their charging or heating or activate smart charging.

Our take on this is the Charged app that you can find in the app store. It is without a doubt the worlds best EV of Tesla owners. It has users all over the world that test the capabilities of our API every day

Smart home apps

Smart home apps are useful and cool, but the hub that you need to install is often a hassle and reduces the overall experience. Luckily you can easily build a smart home app without the need for hubs with our API!

Connect panel ovens, lights, solar panels and home batteries all through a single API and scale it to thousands of users with a breeze. We are happy to include new products if there is something you need in your app.

Smart car insurance apps

Collect odometer readings automatically from your insurance customers to increase retention and create new product offerings.

Our API handles all the logic needed to include a pay-as-you-drive solution in your app, your webapp or just through a simple email campaign. We support EVs, hybrids and also some older types of cars if you need support for that.

Want to take it to the next level?

Aggregate your users’ energy hardware on our flexibility platform and use the capacity to balance the grid or trade in the flxibility market

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