Aggregate connected hardware and unlock demand response

Enode Aggregate lets you participate in flexibility markets with your customers’ connected hardware. This means new revenue streams and a step closer to a zero carbon grid. 

Product features

Enode Aggregate makes it easy to participate in flexibility markets around the world


Observe the availability of your flexible loads

Demand response

Activate and deactivate available flexible load


Accurate reporting of your contribution.

How it works

The Enode API has a suite of endpoints that cater to demand response use cases. 

Demand response

The /flexLoadDefinition endpoint  returns descriptions of your available loads that can be activated and sold in a variety of flexibility markets. 

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Why use the Enode Aggregate

New revenue streams

Flexibility markets opens for new opportunities and business models, both for you and your users

Flexible and scalable

The Enode API works with a wide range of BSPs and BRPs across different markets 

Enable green energy

Utilizing flexible demand is key to a renewable energy system - this is how we help save the planet

Ready to get started?

Connect to and control EVs and other energy hardware in minutes. Smart energy endpoints like smart charging and charging statistics saves you weeks of custom coding.